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Charles Xavier

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[Mar. 13th, 2004|11:38 pm]
Charles Xavier
[Current Mood |satisfiedsatisfied]

Well, after convincing most of the staff and students to make these journals, I've finally gotten around to creating one of my own. They seem like a very good idea and a way to encourage unity and understanding on a level we might not have otherwised reached.

Everything is as normal as can be expected here at the Institute. Scott, Jean, Kitty, and Rogue went to a party at Jean's friend Duncan's house. Scott and Rogue both left early and have been home for about an hour now, and Kitty and Jean just arrived. My concern for Jean is growing; I think she feels obligated to be near Duncan even when she may not want to. She appears to enjoy his presence for the most part, but I'm afraid this attatchement may pose a threat to her independence.

Training is progressing quite nicely. I'm certain we'll be ready for whatever may come our way in the future.

From: kittyxpryde
2004-03-14 03:27 pm (UTC)
We're trying hard, Professor. Even when we're, like, slagging a little, we want to be prepared for whatever it is you're training us for. :)
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[User Picture]From: shavedmyhead
2004-03-14 03:30 pm (UTC)
I know you're trying, and that's all I can expect. You'll get stronger as you learn and grow together, as individuals and as a team.
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